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snoozi set - Baby night bottle with warming station

Prepare bottles in 5 seconds
Always at optimum drinking temperature
Over 8,000 happy customers
2023 Baby Innovation Award Winner
FREE baby sleep course download (value 12,95€)
How often does your baby get a bottle at night?
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"Worth its weight in gold at 3 am!"


The baby bottle for well-rested parents 

You get up several times a night to prepare the bottle? Or is fiddling with thermos flasks just getting on your nerves? Then we have the solution!

Imagine you can lie in your cosy bed all night, the light stays off and with a single flick of the wrist you have the bottle ready in seconds.

"Absolutely brilliant, no more annoying nightly fiddling with the thermos!"

Prepared at night in 5 seconds - without getting up, without switching on the light. Just press, shake and you´re ready. So simple and fast, you can do it even when you're half asleep. The whole family stays in sleep mode. 

To keep the little ones from panicking 

Did you know that babies have no sense of time? When they are hungry, just a few minutes are enough for them to start crying. With snoozi you're so fast that your baby doesn't even wake up properly and falls asleep again while drinking. 

"Our baby gets really wild when he gets hungry and screams the whole house awake. Now I give him the bottle in a few seconds and he doesn't even get to scream anymore."Jessica M.

240 hours of restful sleep  

You and your baby will fall asleep again quickly after feeding and thus sleep up to 1 hour longer in total. snoozi is used for an average of 8 months. That means 240 hours of restful sleep for you.

You can get our snoozi set for as little as €79.95, which means a good night's sleep costs you just 0.33 cents.

Innovation made in Germany 🇩🇪

snoozi is 100% produced in Germany. This way, we can ensure the highest quality at all times (2-year guarantee). In addition, we can thus guarantee fair working conditions and short transport routes, which have a positive effect on our CO² balance. 

We are the parents of the next generation and want to shape the world into a place we want our children to grow up in. 


Our mission 

As fathers, we know sleepless nights all too well. We want to support parents during a wonderful but also stressful time.  

Marius, Fabian and the kidos